M Squared Automation specializes in the design and construction of machines. We are able to design single assembly stations, prototype machines, complete technological lines, POKE-YOKE types station, and we also launch vision systems.

Interdisciplinary team M Squared Automation also offers a wide range of engineering services:
– design of control systems,
– prefabrication of control cabinets,
– preparation of AKPiA documentation,
– selection of electrical, pneumatic,
– engineering calculations,
– design of pneumatic systems,
– electrical measurements using certified Sonel apparatus,
– programming of PLCs, HMI panels, inverters,
– commissioning of control systems,
– launching vision systems,
– reproducing of technical documentation from entrusted materials,
– reproducing documentation from existing machines / parts,
– digitization of paper documentation,
– validation of machines for safety,
– engineering consultancy,
– preparation of workshop documentation,
– design services.

In addition, we also provide services in the field of machinery:
– current service of machines,
– replace mechanical parts,
– maintenance services at production sites,
– electrical services.
In order to know the full offer we encourage you to contact us!