The M Squared Automation team  is  comprised  of  committed,  experienced engineers  with  years  of experience in their field. We are always active and  ready t o  cooperate.  We believe  that  our  path to success is customer satisfaction, so we are not afraid of new challenges and difficult topics. We enjoy satisfaction of every implementation carried out.


Recognize the problem

There are no two same production plants, so every new project starts with a thorough and thorough analysis of the problem and the best way to get to know the technology in cooperation with the client, we help in establishing needs and expectations, formulating technical assumptions. We prepare a cost estimate, machine visualization, performance calculations and implementation simulations.

3D prototyping

The next stage is to prepare the proper design for which they are composed engineering calculations, creating a 3D machine model. The model is presented and meticulously discussed with the investor are introduced possible corrections and improvements. After accepting the 3D digital prototype, we are ready to prepare the executive documentation

AKPiA project

The next step in the process of implementing and launching a prototype is to design a control system, putting great emphasis on careful execution. Our engineers, while designing the control project, pay attention to the ergonomics of the service, and also use their experience to use solutions that ensure long-term trouble-free operation.

Assembly and assembly of the machine

The high level of complexity and the sophistication required by the machines is a challenge. Our fitters consistently put on careful workmanship and high quality of production. Assembly of the machines takes place on our production hall.


The last step on the way to putting the machine to the customer's factory is to run it by our automation and robotics engineers at the plant. After the machine is fully commissioned, it is subjected to careful validation to ensure that the operation is technically correct and that the safety system is in accordance with the applicable standards.

Transfer to use

After delivering the machine to the customer's hands, we provide training on the operation of the machine for the employees of the investor and production support. The customer receives a complete set of documentation including DTR documentation, electrical schematics, operating instructions for the automation system, and job instructions. In addition, we offer full support both during and after the warranty period.

Through cooperation with our trading partners we are present in many industries.